About Us

The Graduate Public Affairs Council, GPAC, is the University of Texas-recognized student government body of the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs.  GPAC's purpose is to serve the students of the LBJ School of Public Affairs community.  In order to achieve this purpose, GPAC facilitates student initiatives; fosters discussion and decision-making; and represents and engages in advocacy on behalf of students and their concerns.   To facilitate student initiatives, GPAC:
  • Coordinates, fund, and support GPAC-recognized LBJ Student Organizations
  • Organizes functions to benefit the LBJ School
  • Assists the Office of Student and Alumni Programs in the execution of its programs; and
  • Support other programs or events that provide opportunities for intellectual, professional, and social development
Examples of GPAC activities: Brown Bag Speaker Series, Alumni Networking Events, Intramural Sports, LBJ-wide happy hours, and a variety of academic and social events   To foster discussion and decision-making, GPAC:
  • Provides opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas between Elected Representatives and the Student Body members that they represent; and
  • Operate a system of Standing Committees and Appointees to address student concerns, led by the Executive Committee
  To advocate on behalf of students, GPAC:
  • Fosters communication between the Student Body and others, including but not limited to, the administration and faculty of the LBJ School and its affiliated bodies;
  • Convey student concerns to the LBJ School faculty and administration, the University of Texas, and the general public; and
  • Maintain and improve relationships between current students and alumni.