Student Organization Documents


Financial Forms Budget Template Proposal Narrative GPAC Reimbursement Form Becoming a registered student org: Other Helpful Information (Download in PDF) GPAC Budgeting and Funding Brownbags and Green Dining Additional Funding Sources Calendaring Co-Sponsoring Events with GPAC Additional Marketing Tools: Digital Signage on Campus GPAC BUDGETING AND FUNDING INFORMATION
  • Only registered student organizations may apply for funding through GPAC.
  • Student organization budgets are due to the Internal Finance Director by the second week of each semester.
  • Once the submission date has passed, the finance committee will review all applications, send out approved allocations (working with student orgs to ensure the budget is allocated as fairly as possible), and present at the GPAC general assembly meeting on the 4th week of school for official approval by the GA.
  • Funding is broken down into two categories:
    • Administrative, which is provided by the administration and covers (mostly) any expense other than alcohol and fundraising activities.
    • Discretionary, which is raised by the student body and can put towards use of alcohol (i.e. happy hours).
      • These are usually allocated as amounts for happy hours – $50 per semester is the max amount allotted to a single happy hour.
  • Funds are more likely to be approved if events are cosponsored with other orgs, are receiving funding from other sources (if a large expense), and are dependent on the overall size of an organization’s requested budget.
  • Room 3.124 is reserved by the OPD chair every Wednesday from 12:15 – 1:45 for student organization brown bags. The administration does its best to schedule their events on alternate days, and only schedules conflicting faculty talks when it must.
  • These dates are given to student orgs on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a date, email the Professional Development Chair with your proposed date and an alternate time slot. She will respond confirming which date your organization is confirmed for.
  • Each brown bag has $150 reserved for food for that event. Student organizations do not request this money in their budgets for the semester. If you need funding for anything other than food/drinks, you can, however, request that in your organization budget for that semester.
  • To receive reimbursement for both the $150 food and drinks and any other funding you were approved for, follow the normal GPAC reimbursement procedure – the GPAC reimbursement form is available at This form, with itemized receipt attached, must be filled out and returned to the internal finance director within 30 days of your event.
  • Green Dining: The Green Dining Program offers compostable plates and silverware (for use during GPAC approved brown bags only), located in the bottom cabinets in the LBJ mailroom. These compostable items must be collected for trash in the compostable trash bags and taken to the compostable trash collector bins down by the campus police department (near the stadium and parking garage on Clyde Littlefield Drive). A mandatory Green Dining training happens as the first brown bag of the year during the fall semester.
ADDITIONAL FUNDING SOURCES Senate of College Councils, Graduate Student Assembly, Student Government
  • Senate, GSA, and SG provide funding to registered student organizations for events rather than ongoing expenses.
  • Senate funds undergrad and graduate student organizations.
  • GSA funding is reserved for graduate student organizations only.
  • Student orgs apply independently of GPAC.
  • There are 2 appropriations cycles per semester.
  • Items such as gifts, gift cards, alcohol, travel expenses, off-campus rentals, etc. are not considered for funding.
  • Organization leaders should plan far in advance to apply for this funding due to administrative requirements and turnaround time.
  • GSA funding requires a GSA representative to sponsor the request. Email LBJ’s current GSA representative, notifying that your organization is planning to request funding from GSA. LBJ’s GSA rep will attend the meeting to support the funding formally.
  • GSA applications and instructions for each appropriation cycle are posted to HornsLink. Access from the GSA website.
  • Senate Appropriations:
  • Student Government Appropriations:
  • Campus Events and Entertainment Events CoSponsorship Board
  • Funding available for speaker fees, speaker hotel rooms, Facilities Services, parking, advertising (posters, handbills, banners, Daily Texan ads, etc), sound/light equipment rental, event programs, and more.
  • Applications for funding are due five weeks prior to the event.
  • For more information, guidelines, and application: entertainment/committees/ecb/funding
Office of the Dean of Students Fund for Academic Campus Engagement & Support (FACES) University Co-Op
  • Allocates funds to registered student organizations to help with programs and events.
  • Awards up to $1,250 per semester.
  • Applications due at the end of each semester for the following semester.
Fundraising at LBJ
  • Please note that only registered student organizations may conduct fundraising activities in the LBJ lobby. Please use the LBJ School calendar or contact the LBJ Office of Academic Affairs to officially reserve the lobby space for your bake sale, t-shirt sales, etc.
CALENDARING GPAC is working to streamline the calendaring process for student events. We’d like to make the GPAC calendar the central resource for all LBJ School student events, on and off campus. GPAC recommends that:
  • Each student organization create a Google account that will be passed down as the organization’s leadership changes.
  • Each organization’s Google account will be given access to GPAC’s website calendar.
  • GPAC will make a weekly post on its website and facebook page outlining student events for the upcoming week.
  • Deadline for additions or changes to the calendar is the Saturday preceding the event.
  • Event information should include: host organization, event title, date, time, location, description, event contact email, and RSVP link if available.
  • The Community Outreach and Student Life committees are happy to collaborate on events with student organizations if they are planned in advance of that semester’s budget cycle. Contact them directly if you have an idea for service/social event your organization would like to help plan.
  • Student Life committee plans an all-organizations happy hour during the first month of school – separate organizations will not need to request separate discretionary funds for “welcome back” happy hours.
DIGITAL SIGNAGE ON CAMPUS LBJ Community: If there are any other documents that you would like to see posted here, please email and GPAC will try to post it to this page.  Thank you.